Thursday, 14 August 2014

Chapter 10: I can't stop thinking about it

Hi all.  I realise it has been a very long time since I last posted, and to the those of you who were reading this story from the very first post of the first installment, I am so sorry for making you wait this long.
 Like I said previously, I have had quite a bit going on in my personal life which disrupted my writing, 
but I'm back to it, and this story will continue, and I hope it was worth the wait.
- J -

The doors closed, and now they were finally alone, together.  No eyes on them, no one to say that it was wrong, no thinking, just feeling.  This is what they both wanted.  To touch, to taste, to get lost in each other.

She moved towards him slowly, her eyes locked on his as if she was a wild animal and he was her prey.  He shifted backwards under her gaze until there was nowhere else to go, with solid steel walls surrounding them, there was no escape.  His breathing quickened and he could feel his heart start to race inside his chest.  Not moving a muscle, he just stood there, waiting for her to make her move. 

Leaning in towards him, her body almost touching his, she could feel the heat from him.  She knew she had him right where she wanted him, alone and completely at her mercy.  Brushing her cheek against his, she whispered in his ear.  “I think we both know there’s something else I’d rather you do for me”.

Awakening to the sound of the door buzzer, Jon was grateful to whomever it was that disrupted his dream.  After everything that’s happened, and how he felt towards her, there is no rational explanation in his mind as to why he would be having those kinds of dreams about Ashleigh now. 

Truth is, he hadn’t thought about his time with her since he left Melbourne.  Even though he didn’t get back home to his wife for almost 2 weeks after that, she or any other woman for that matter, didn’t cross his mind once.  And since his affair was made public knowledge, the only thoughts he could have about her was hatred.

I did fall asleep after texting her though, so she was on my mind.  That has to be it, there’s no way in hell my subconscious is telling me that I want her again, cause that’s not happening.  If only all parts of my body would agree with that.

Looking at the bedside clock as he got up, he noted that it was only 8:43 am.  Who in the hell would be here this early?  Quickly pulling his jeans on, and adjusting himself so that his erection wouldn’t be so noticeable, he headed for the door.


“I can’t stop thinking about it.  I don’t want to think about it, but I can’t turn it off” she said, as she brushed past him quickly and into the room.  “It’s driving me crazy.  I mean, it’s supposed to be over.  Right now I’m supposed to be moving on, but I can’t”.

Jon barely got the door shut before Dorothea had her arms around him and her mouth on his.  His hands quickly went around her, pulling her in as close as he could, their kiss intensifying with the heat between their bodies. 

He wanted to ask her why, why did she change her mind and come back to him, after she was so certain that she never could.  But he didn’t want to risk her realising that she’d made a mistake, he needed to hold on to this moment as long as he could.  This was the woman he married, the only one who had his heart, he’d do anything to keep her.

She moved her hands over his naked upper body, reminding herself just how good he felt, and just how much she had missed him.  “I don’t know what I’m thinking coming here, but I just need this, needed you again”.

  Pulling him in again, she kissed him once more.  His cock hardened against her, and even though he didn’t want to push her to quickly, he couldn’t stop himself from wanting to take her right there on the floor.

His mouth moved to her neck, leaving a trail of kisses down to her shoulder, as his hands slid her jacket off.  “You want this Dottie.  You want me”.  His hands glided over her waist, up over her breasts, and then up to her face.

He stopped to look her in the eyes, for the first time since she entered his penthouse.  “You can have what you want.  I’m right here.  All you have to do is tell me this is what you want.  Tell me yes Dottie”.

She closed her eyes and felt herself get lost in him once again, the only man she’s ever loved, the only man that she wanted to touch her.  “Yes Jon.  Yes”.  That’s all he needed to hear.  His mouth claimed hers again as he pushed her up against the nearest wall.

One hand went behind her back in an attempt at unzipping her dress, whilst the other found its way to between her legs.  Wrapping one of her legs around his waist to give him better access, she moaned with pleasure into his mouth.

With one arm wrapped around his shoulders to keep her balance, she ran her other hand down his torso till she was able to reach into his jeans.  She grabbed his rock hard cock with her hand, stroking gently as he worked her towards orgasm. 

Not wanting to wait any more, she fumbled to undo his jeans to release him.  Giving up trying to take her dress off with one hand, Jon lifted it up enough to get it out the way and moved her panties aside.  Just as he was about enter her, the sound of the door buzzer rang.  God-Damn-It! 

 “Just ignore it, they’ll go away”.  Nodding in agreement, she clung to him as she wrapped both legs around him, drawing him into her.  He muffled her moans with his kiss, as he grinded against her, his cock pushing deeper with each thrust he made. 

Faster and faster he moved in her, as the sound of the door buzzer went again.  “They’re not going to go away” she breathed in his ear.  “Then they will have to wait” he whispered back.  Not slowing down, he continued thrusting into her, enjoying the pleasure that came with knowing that he had her back.

The buzzer went again.  Bloody hell!  “Alright!”  Frustrated at not being able to finish what they had started, they composed themselves, and then Jon opened the door.  Fuck!  Standing in the doorway, with her barely there baby bump, was Ashleigh.  

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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Chapter 9: Just as stubborn

For a brief moment, she let herself get caught up in the moment.  The way he kissed her, like he had since they fell in love all those years ago.  The way it felt to have his arms around her, holding her tightly against him.  The scent of his cologne, he had always smelt good, it was intoxicating.  She did miss it too, in fact she longed to have it back.  

But it was different now, he wasn’t hers anymore.  She walked away from him and their marriage for a reason, a very good reason too, he betrayed her one too many times.  She couldn’t give him another chance at having her heart in his hands, could she?  

She gently pushed him away. “I don’t know why you’re trying this after all this time, when you gave up our marriage without a fight, but it’s too late” said Dorothea as she walked to the other side of the island bench to put some distance between them.  

Jon turned around and leant against the bench, thinking carefully about what he was going to say next before he spoke, hoping that he would at least get her to consider taking him back.  “I didn’t fight for it because I didn’t want to make it harder for you.  You made up your mind, and I had already done enough damage”.  He looked down at his feet, feeling like an adolescent teen in trouble.  

“But it’s not what I want Dot, I never want this.  You’re the only one I have ever loved, and I’ll never be able to love anyone else”.  She looked away, in an effort to stop her tears from falling.  Jon was always her one and only, there was never meant to be a time where they said goodbye.  

“Why does it have to be too late?  I know I screwed up, but we have the rest of our lives.  Don’t you still want to share that with me, just like we planned, just you and me forever?” he asked, hoping that at least a part of her still felt that way.  “I did Jon, right before you broke my heart” she said just as her tears started to escape, she couldn’t stop it.

Jon walked round the island to try and comfort her, but she just moved away from him.  “No Jon, No.  You can’t do this to me now.  The only thing I ever wanted was you, just you.  I never cared about your money or that you were a rock star.  To me you were just John Bongiovi, the boy I went to school with who stole my heart.  All I wanted was for us to have our family together and for us to be happy.  But you destroyed that, and you destroyed me.  And now you’re going to have all that with her!”  

She turned and left the kitchen without giving him another chance to respond, she didn’t want to hear it anymore.  And all Jon could do, was watch her walk out the door once again.  You’re wrong Dot.  I’m never going to have that with her.  I don’t want that with her.  And I’m not gonna give up on us, ever!

                        After checking into the hotel that Jon’s assistant had arranged, she was exhausted.  Ashleigh hated flying, so there was no chance of having a sleep on the plane, which meant that she hadn’t slept in almost 27 hours.  A quick warm shower and then bed was the only plans she had, but first she thought she should send a message to Jon.

10:05 PM – Ashleigh - Just letting you know that I made it here alive.  Let me know what your plans with me are.

10:06 PM – Ashleigh - Oh, and I made an appointment with an OBGYN on the 4th at 11, you said you wanted to be there for it.  Hope this doesn’t mess with your schedule.

10:08 PM – Jon - My schedule for this month is you.  Be at my apartment at 9, the doorman will let you up.

10:09 PM – Ashleigh - Lucky me then.  Make it 11, I plan on sleeping in.

10:11 PM – Jon - Ashleigh, this isn’t a negotiation.  Be here at 9.

10:12 PM – Ashleigh - Jon, this isn’t a negotiation.  Be there at 11.

10:15 PM – Jon - I’m not playing games with you. 9.

10:16 PM – Ashleigh – You don’t get to tell me what to do.  11.  You don’t like that, feel free to come and drag me out of bed.  Night.

            Deciding to give up that fight, he threw his phone down on the bed beside him, wondering what he had got himself into.  He could tell that this month with Ashleigh was just going to be an uphill battle when it came to making decisions about the baby, she was just as stubborn as he was.

            The next morning, Ashleigh woke up earlier than she would have liked to another bout of morning sickness.  If it wasn’t enough that she couldn’t fit into her favourite pair of jeans anymore, Ashleigh also had to suffer through morning sickness all day long.  Why do they even call it morning sickness if it doesn’t only occur in the bloody morning?!

            Checking the bedside clock as she returned from the bathroom, she realised it was only 8:23 am.  Knowing that she wouldn’t get back to sleep now, she thought she may as well get dressed and head over to Jon’s apartment by 9, just like he requested.  Unbelievable.  Even his kid wants to ruin my sleep in.  He or she is probably gonna be just like him, god help me.  

            After another visit to the bathroom and throwing her clothes on, she made sure that she had the room key with her before heading out the door.  She quickly sent Jon a txt to let him know that she was on her way, and then set of in the direction of his place, hoping that she would make it there before she felt the need to be sick again.  Throwing up in the middle of Mercer St was not going to be a good look for her.

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